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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Queue jumper …

The next time a Lefty quotes the enormous percentage of asylum seekers who are found to be genuine refugees, as justification for their sympathetic stance, think about this:

THE fix is in. The Rudd Government has purged the refugee bureaucrats most likely to knock back applications from asylum seekers.

And it’s replaced many with activists more likely to let them in.

The political payoff for the Government? This should help empty the embarrassingly full detention centres a bit faster.

The statistics tell the story.

Last week the Refugee Review Tribunal announced which of its 43 members applying for reappointment would be kept, and which sacked.

An unusually high number – 18 – were shown the door, including a former Labor MP, Noel Pullen.

Furious RRT insiders have checked the case records of these 43 to see how they handled appeals by asylum seekers wanting a review of Immigration Department decisions to turn them down and send them home.

The 25 RRT members who were reappointed last week have, over the past three years, rejected appeals by asylum seekers in 62 per cent of cases.

In contrast, the 18 RRT members who were sacked rejected 78 per cent of appeals. What’s more, the toughest four RRT members were all sacked.

To read the rest, including who will replace them, go here
What a farce!

Kevin Rudd doesn’t belong in any mainstream political party.

When Wilson Tuckey said:
“There could be the occasional terrorist in a boatload of people. If you wanted to get into Australia and you have bad intentions, what do you do? You insert yourself in a crowd of a hundred for which there is great sympathy for the other 99. You go on a system where nobody brings their papers, you have no identity, you have no address.”

Kevin Rudd said:
“I think these are deeply divisive, disgusting remarks and
they do not belong in any mainstream political party… Mr Turnbull should show some leadership and withdraw his support for Mr Tuckey’s preselection as a Liberal candidate for the next election.”

A South Asian refugee ship that Canadian authorities have secretly tracked for months on suspicion of links to terrorism appears to be bound for Australia.

To read the rest, go here.

The sheer moral depravity of the ABC!

What is it with the Left and their disgusting habit of brainwashing children.

Jewish community leaders have expressed concern about the ABC using its website aimed at pre-school children to peddle virulent anti-Israel propaganda.

The ABC’s website ABC for Kids online is described as “the pre-school web site for children’s television programming broadcast on ABC1 and ABC2” on its Twitter account.
Despite that, the site contains a vitriolic diatribe against Israel that ought not have been published anywhere, let alone aimed at children.

The author – a member of an extreme left-wing anti-Israel group – tells the kids about the Israeli efforts to maintain its weapons-smuggling blockade of Gaza:

“… putting the attack in context more fully reveals its moral obscenity …”

It gets worse, a lot worse. To read the rest go here. Be warned it might make you shake with rage!!!

The worlds gone mad, says Alan Jones. It certainly has.
Listen here.

The vanishing knife (and pool of blood) trick.

Another photo. Another deleted knife.
The media are scum!

How embarrrassing!

F is for Fail.
Like everything the Rudd government touches.


I’m still laughing ….

Knife? What knife?

Are the media biased?
Does a brown bear shit in the woods?
Go here.

Will Islam conquer NY?

It seems like every time this guy makes a new clip I put it on here, it’s just so hard to resist, when he talks such common sense.

Con the World

You just have to call yourself an activist for peace and human aid!

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

Gaza Flotillia – The Love Boat

It’s not a phobia if they really want to kill you.

Every time I hear some ignorant moron say Islam is just another religion, no different to any other. I want to puke!

Hey, Lefty’s leave them kids alone!!!

The latest in the brainwashing of our children.

From Australian Islamist Monitor.

This is a brief notice to ALL AUSTRALIANS – the Australian Curriculum Studies Association has produced a very glossy book of about 116 ‘colour’ pages filled with the most staggering Islamic dawa and propaganda. Having already scanned through the text, we are totally shocked at the contents and false pro-Islamic claims that will be pushed into schools.
While AIM will dissect this text section by section, the important thing to know is that it is being pushed into schools and onto children without of course, any opportunity to put counter views, not to mention the massive amount of evidence from Islam’s text, laws, example of Mohammad, records of Muslims themselves and Islam’s past and present history that clearly show Islam is anything but the sweet, victimised religion portrayed in this book!

Please go and read the rest here.