Big bad Martin

Well the Saudi’s must have been shaking in their boots when they heard the leader of the world, oops i mean Australia, big tough prissy lips Rudd threaten that a “blowtorch” needed to be applied to OPEC
Off went scary Martin Ferguson on a mission.
Where he failed dismally.

There was also no sign that Federal Energy Minister Martin Ferguson brought the “blowtorch” which Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently said should be applied the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

In his speech to the meeting, Mr Ferguson praised Saudi Arabia for helping stabilise the oil market and prevent damage to the global economy.

He called for more investment in oil production, a more transparent market and for developing countries to cut their subsidised fuel programs.

But nowhere was there a call for OPEC to boost its oil production.

Fergusons smooth response when questioned about his missing blowtorch was almost poetic in it’s eloquence

“Australia, like the global community, has sat down today and had a hard think about how we actually assist not only ordinary motorists in Australia but also developing countries to meet the challenge of increases in oil prices,” he said.

And what did the Saudi’s do?

Once more Saudi Arabia told distressed oil consumers to drop dead this past weekend.

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