What is the meaning of life?

Last night was both Earth hour and Human Achievement Hour, I was on Facebook and it was depressing. Stupid people proudly proclaiming that they were about to turn off the lights for Earth Hour. Every light in my house was blazing.

So often I hear people talk rubbish about our consumer society, they act like they long for more meaning in their lives and for some ridiculous reason they dream of life in a poorer society, where apparently somehow living has more meaning. But like typical hypocrites, they won’t give up their little luxuries, they never sell up and move to one of these idyllic, poverty stricken, countries.

In a way I understand their search for the meaning of life. I’ve also asked is this all there is? The difference, I suppose, is that I’ve never considered that struggling for my very survival on a daily basis would provide the answers. The unbearable stress of wondering how, or if, I will be able to feed my children has no appeal for me. I appreciate my lifestyle and I love my freedom. And although I do still wonder what my purpose in life is, I am beginning to think more and more, that my purpose is to do everything I can to protect that lifestyle and freedom so that my children and future grandchildren can also enjoy it.

As I see it the greatest threat to my goal comes from two totalitarian religions. Islam and The Green religion.

Vaclav Klaus – Environmentalism: A Threat to Freedom?

Environmentalism Is the New Religion – Ian Plimer

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  • “This new religion is terrified of doubt, terrified of skepticism, terrified of uncertainty yet it claims to be underpinned by science…”


  • The meaning of life? People have been asking that for eons, there is no proper answer.

    For me though, my life began when I met Kati, my second wife.

    The anger, depression, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, all vanished almost overnight.

    Maybe wining our own personal wars is the meaning of life?

  • Yeah maybe you’re right Patrick, maybe it is about winning your own personal wars. I’m not religious, but I do believe we are here to learn a lesson, otherwise what’s the point of anything? And I think that lesson is different for everyone. But I also ask, what is my purpose in life? Perhaps my purpose was to have children and raise them to be well adjusted, empathetic, critical thinkers. Who knows.

    Was it love at first sight with you and Kati?

  • Yeah pretty much. It’s a long story, we met online.

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